Jul 22, 2008

I got Tagged!

I've had so much fun watching all of my friends get tagged and seeing parts of their lives and homes we wouldn't normally see. Well, I guess it's my turn. My friend, Heather, tagged me. I've been putting it off, using my broken computer as an excuse. But I got a temporary replacement computer, so I guess I can't put it off any longer. So here goes--sorry my pictures aren't the greatest. I took them all with my phone.

1) My Kitchen Sink

My mom would die if she knew I was putting a picture of my kitchen sink on the internet with *gasp* dirty dishes in it. I think that's what the sink is for, a temporary holding spot for dirty dishes, until I feel like loading the dishwasher.

2) Inside of Fridge

If you look close, you'll see my attempts at being healthy. There's soymilk on the door, broccoli, skim milk, grapes, and yogurt. But don't look too close, or you might also see the whip cream on the top shelf and peach pie on the bottom.

3) Favorite Shoes

I was tempted to just take a picture of my feet, because I really don't like shoes at all. But that would just be gross, so if I have to wear them my preference is definitely sandals. Socks are just way too restrictive. You'll even find me wearing sandals in the winter, and flip flops are my favorite!

4) My Closet
Oh, did you want to see it open? Well, okay--

Here's a picture of one side of my closet. You'll see all of my pants, my little girls dresses, and my shoes in the top. The two sets of drawers in the bottom belong to my two youngest children. On the other side (not pictured) I keep all of my shirts on top, and another son's clothes on the bottom. So yes, in case you weren't keeping count . . . four people share this closet.

5) My Laundry PileLet's see . . . seven people wear one outfit per day (yeah, right! The kids always change at least once.) That's 7 outfits per day times 7 days, that's at least 49 outfits per week that need washing. I have to stay caught up on it, or it quickly spirals out of control. Here's my laundry sorting sytem--towels in the white basket, and then slots for my colored clothes, kids' colored clothes, and whites. It looks like the kids' clothes need washing!

6) What my Kids are Doing Right Now

My oldest, chatting online with her friends.
This daughter loves to follow me around. She was on the bed, talking to me while I worked.
My two littlest. One asleep . . . and the other watching TV and eating a huge sucker.
I had to chase my two sons around to get their pictures, but finally caught this one when they weren't looking. They are playing a game with their little brother.

7) My Favorite Room
The kitchen is my favorite room, because it's where my kids like to hang out--eating, of course. We spend lots of time sitting in the barstools, talking and having fun--and eating!

8) My Most Recent Purchase
No, this is not a picture of the original. I bought an Icee for my son yesterday at BYU because he waited patiently for 3 long hours, while I got a computer problem fixed. The original Icee is long gone, but it was tasty!

9) My Fantasy Vacation

A cabin in the mountains

With beautiful scenery

Sitting by the fire

Sleeping in and breakfast in bed

Or, sitting outside in a hot tub

Watching the sunset, with someone I love.

(And writing, of course!)

10) Self Portrait

I really HATE pictures!

WOW! I think that is the longest thing I've ever posted. Hope you had fun getting a look at my crazy life! Now for the real fun . . . I get to tag 3 unsuspecting, innocent people:

Keith Fisher - LDS Writers Blogck (Without whom I wouldn't have started on this whole crazy writing and blogging journey.)

Autumn Ables - Queen of Chaos (My sister in spirit who always has such fun music on her blog!)

Christine Bryant - Day Dreamer (Because she's an amazing writer and I want her to blog more often. :)


Keith N Fisher said...

Okay, Okay, I'll do it I promise. With so many examples of clean houses, I'm, afraid to take any pictures. thanks for thinking of me. Now I have something to post this week on the ldswritersblogck. by the way can I borrow your pictures and say it was my house?

WorldmedTourism said...

Home sweet home

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