Dec 12, 2011

Book Review: Faithful, Fit, & Fabulous

Author: Connie E. Sokol 
Author's Website: 
Genre: Non-fiction Self-help 

About the book:
Filled with humor and "I can relate" life experiences, Faithful, Fit & Fabulous is the ideal life boost--no guilt, no feeling overwhelmed, and no reaching for that pan of brownies.  Connie E. Sokol shares gospel principles from scriptures, priceless gems from general conference addresses, and much more along with ways to readily apply them in your busy daily life.  Finally focus on priorities while enjoying the process.  Goal-setting has never been more simple, fun, and rewarding!  Let Faithful, Fit & Fabulous show you how!

My Review: 

Lately, I've been at a point in my life where I feel ready for a change.  I'm so happily married that I can hardly see straight, I have great kids who for the most part make good choices, I have a great job, yet I still often feel unsettled.  I feel this need for personal growth.  I'm ready to find my purpose in life and become the person I know that I truly am.

This is exactly what Faithful, Fit & Fabulous is all about.  It identifies the following eight areas that profoundly affect our happiness:

Holy Habits
A Personal Life Plan
Being Fit and Fabulous
Joy in Womanhood
Balance in Motherhood

Sokol focuses one chapter on each of these essential topics.  The great thing about the book is that you can start exactly where you are.  Pick the chapter that speaks to you and start there!  For me it was Balance in Motherhood.  I picked up some great ideas and have made some goals to implement them.

The book includes timeless counsel from LDS leaders, but does not come across as overly religious.  There's something in it for everyone and I highly recommend it.  It is available on Amazon.  You can also learn more about the author at her website, where she has many other resources for getting back to the basics and transforming your life.  
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