May 24, 2010

Join me for the BlogFest!

I am joining A Journey of Books and the Book Blog Network along with hundreds of other bloggers for BlogFest 2010. From September 10-12, 2010, over 100 blogs will get together to offer one amazing giveaway carnival. Make sure to mark it on your calendar because these giveaways will only remain open for that weekend. Want to participate? Sign up here.

Between now and then all the participating blogs will be featured on A Journey of Books.  Scribbled Scraps was featured this week.

Click the links to see a list of all participating blogs (it keeps growing) and prizes being offered.

Prizes include:
Books (Yay!)
Gift Cards
Gift Baskets
Blog Design
And lots more!!

I know September is a few months away, but don't worry, I'll remind you.  I just wanted to give you a heads-up in case any of you are interested in participating.  It's a great way to advertise your blog!


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