Jun 2, 2010

Kisses for Amy

Blogging has changed my life.  I have met so many amazing men and women who share their lives through their blog.  Today my heart was touched by Amy Jackson.

This is Amy, a 36 year old mother of six.

On April 15th, 2010, she was diagnosed with a rare and terminal cancer: Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma.  Without treatment, she was given 1-3 weeks to live. 

Visit this amazing woman's blog, Kisses for Amy, to read about her journey as she makes preparations to leave this earth and her family for a season.  Surrounded by her family and friends, she is determined to face her future with faith, hope, courage and love.

She has shared some inspiring words of wisdom that are even more poignant coming from someone with her perspective.
"As I sit here in the early morning hours, I think of all the little things that I may have always taken for granted. These are things you never recognize until you come to the realization that the day may come soon that those little things may no longer be available to you to be a part of. This morning I spent almost an hour brushing and styling Lindsey's hair. I am sure that she probably hated almost every minute of it and the poor things hair really wasn't that fancy of a do, for having spent an hour being tortured. What she may never realize is how important that hour was to me and how much I appreciated being able to do that. It is incredible to me how important such a little task seems to me now as I am faced with the thoughts that I will not be here to do such simple tasks for my children in the future."  ~Amy

You can learn more about this amazing family at Kisses for Amy.  They were also featured on KSL television this week.

When I learn about trials like these, I'm so grateful for an eternal perspective.  It is such a blessing.


Charmaine Clancy said...

That's incredibly touching. I'll probably cry when I brush my daughter's hair today. Amy's family looks beautiful.

Laurie LC Lewis said...

Thanks for sharing that, Kimberly. I'm choked up here. What a perspective-changer her story is. I'll be a more grateful person today because of that, and you're right about gratitude for a knowledge that there is a Plan for us and for our families. It doesn't erase all the pain from life, but it certainly colors it with hope. I'll be praying for this brave family.

Nan said...

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Melinda said...

Wow. That's heartbreaking for her family, who will miss her so terribly. God has the power to do a miracle, but if He does not, the only thing that does get us through tragedy is keeping that eternal perspective.

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog this week and celebrating the good news about my son. It helps to keep the eternal perspective with his situation, too.

RoseBelle said...

I wish we come up with a cure for all cancer. At my old workplace (not working now), there were so many people that either know someone who has cancer or died from cancer. My manager's daughter had brain tumor in which a small piece of her brain was removed along with the tumor. She beat the cancer and she's cancer free for 5 years now.

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