May 17, 2008

Black Friday

"Remember black Friday's bring sunny Sunday's."

My daughter shared this quote with me recently. We are going through some tough times at home, and it gave me a unique perspective to have the tables turned, and have my fifteen year old give me advice.

She is an amazing girl and always has been. She is one of those valiant spirits who come to this earth fighting for the right, from the moment of their first breath. How I ended up as her mom, I will never know.

I've recently realized that what I thought was one of my biggest strengths may actually be a weakness--I'm stubbornly independent. I have always prided myself on the fact that I don't need anyone. I can do it all alone. Well, let me tell you . . . doing it alone is, well . . . lonely.

I was reminded by a friend this week to involve Heavenly Father in my life through prayer. Sometimes, I'm so independent, I mistakenly think I can be successful without Him. Well, I tried it. He and I had a good talk yesterday. I'm hoping as I submit my will to His, my days will begin to be more sunny.

Have a great weekend and I'll see you all on Monday with another scrapbooking blog.


Keith Fisher said...

Thank you for the reminder. I know God has always been there for me. I hope things work out soon.

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