May 15, 2008

It's All About Time

Let’s face it . . .we are all busy. If you’re like me, scrapbooking can be overwhelming. There are so many products available and new techniques, it seems hard to keep up with it all. I’m always on the lookout for products that make scrapbooking easier. Pebbles Inc. has a new product I think you’re going to love. The new Share & Tell album system is affordable and completely customizable.

You can spend a little time or a lot and create a family keepsake you will be proud of. You decide how much time you have to spend—no time, some time, or creative time.

Simply label your photos and slip into the 4x6 pocket pages. Use large 12x12 sheet protectors to conveniently store artwork and larger pieces.

Create simple 4x6 title and journaling squares to help tell your story. Pebbles Inc. 4x6 creative pads and journaling cards are a quick and easy way to add memories to your photos.

Create a large scrapbook page to creatively spotlight your memory, then slip the extra photos in the 4x6 pocket pages. No need to scrapbook all of your photos ever again.

This program was created by Brenda Birrell, mother of five daughters and founder of Pebbles in My Pocket and Pebbles Inc. as an answer to today’s busy life.

I think life should be more about making memories than preserving them. It is nice to have a system that is easy to maintain and gives us more time to spend with loved ones creating memories.

Brenda, from Pebbles, has graciously donated $80 of Pebbles Share & Tell products which will be given to one of my lucky blog readers. They will get a complete album set including a binder, two sets of sheet protectors, and six sets of 4x6 cards. Simply post a comment on this blog and your name will be entered in the drawing.

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Heather Justesen said...

Kim, this sounds like a great idea, I'm always pressed for time to get my scrapbooking done. I'll have to give it a closer look.

Stephanie Humphreys said...

This sounds exactly like what I've been envisioning when I try to come up with quicker ways to scrap all the pictures. I hate to think how far behind I am. Something like this sounds like a real time saver.

Candace E. Salima said...

Looks great, Kim. And it sounds like a wonderful way to save time while scrapbooking, which is everyone's main beef.

Danyelle Ferguson said...

I have had such a hard time scrapbooking for the past two years, that I've been looking more and more into digital scrapbooking, then having it printed by the digital publisher. It's just so hard to pull all my stuff out, only to put it all back when the kids get home. Ugh! But this sounds like it might work. I'd love to try it out. Thanks for the info, Kim.

Rachelle said...

I love scrapbooking, but alas, I love making cards more and I never get "behind" on those so, no pressure. I really want to get my scrapbooks caught up and this sounds like a great idea!

C.L. Beck said...

Great thoughts in your blog! Thanks for posting the ideas.

Queen of Chaos said...

I'm here! I wanna be in the drawing! :)

Karlene said...

So it's probably too late to enter this drawing...but on the off chance that it's not, I'd love to win this. :)

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks for all the comments ladies!

CONGRATULATIONS Danyelle! You are the lucky winner.

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