Jul 10, 2008

Scrapbooking Playground

Would you like to have your own scrapbooking website? A place to upload layouts for family members and friends to see online? I recently learned about a fun website that allows you to do just that. ScrapWow offers a fun, innovative way to create your own website.

After creating a website for his newborn daughter, Nick Romer, founder of ScrapWow, shared it with family and friends. Many thought it was remarkable and asked how they could create their own website for posting photos. Nick combined what he knew from his experience in the craft industry and launched ScrapWow.com, the ground-breaking result of sharing photos online with a scrapbook look and feel.

ScrapWow quickly evolved into a vision of "a playground for scrapbookers." Appealing to a large community of digital scrapbookers, the cutting edge technology at ScrapWow.com offers the community of online and offline scrapbookers a place to share their creations and photos. It provides them with a virtual creative room with everything you need to scrapbook online.

To the beginners, Nick believes that the ease and creativity of the site will pave the way to their growth into full-fledged digital scrapbooking. For the experienced digital scrapbooker, ScrapWow offers unparalleled creative options and technology, plus a lot of free stuff!

Setting up your online digital scrapbook is easy. No programming or html knowledge is required. They have a variety of professionally designed scrapbook themes to choose from, which can be easily changed with a click of the mouse.

Your website can include multiple scrapbooks. It also has a news journal where you can keep visitors up to date on happenings in your life. It even includes a guest book so visitors can leave comments. If you'd like to see a sample site, visit here.

In addition to your own personal website, ScrapWow members also have access to free monthly digital scrapbook kits with simple to follow tutorials, a starter kit with coordinated pages and embellishments, interactive eBooks with sketches and sample layouts, sayings and phrases to express sentiments for any occasion, and manufacturers coupons.

See what people are saying about ScrapWow:

"A BIG gap in my life has been living so far away from my family. Having my own scrapbook website helps to fill this gap . . . and the void sometimes in our hearts from missing each other so much. This site is a gift to my family and they love it because they can 'keep in touch' with me at their leisure."
-Lisa, Port Charlotte, FL

"I've been looking for something like this ever since getting started in digital scrapbooking because I have hundreds of digiscrap pages on my computer that only I get to see. Thank you. I love, love, love it!"
-Sandy, Gurnee, IL

"WOW says it all! I love this site. The free monthly kits alone are worth the subscription."
-Kimberly, Huntsville, NC

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Stacy G. Anderson said...

Maybe you could answer this. Know of any good places that I could partner up with as I direct people from my website to theirs to fulfill e-commerce request for Christmas embellishments and paper to help people create their own Santa Letters?

Go to my website, www.thesantaletters.org under The Santa Letters Shop so you can see what I mean and then maybe you can give me some suggestions....

I'd appreciate your help1


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