Jul 7, 2008

The Stackable Crew

Today, I’m happy to be able to highlight one of the newest vendors on the scrapbooking block at yourLDSneighborhood.com, The Stackable Crew.

Three years ago, J.S. Broo was doing crafts with her kids at the kitchen table. She created several three-dimensional animal figures for her children to play with. Her neighbors and friends saw them, were impressed, and wanted copies. Soon, she used her amazing talent to create figures upon request, for anyone who needed them. One day, someone told her she should market them; that people would pay for her artwork. So, she decided to give it a try.

The Stackable Crew has currently been in business for nearly a year. They have people from all over the world browsing their website and using their darling stackable figures. For a nominal monthly fee you are allowed unlimited use of all the designs on their website. You simply print them on your own computer directly from The Stackable Crew website. They create new designs each month which are highlighted in their monthly newsletter sent to all current subscribers.

J. S. Broo has thousands of ideas for new figures. However, suggestions and requests are always welcome. Christine from the Stackable Crew said, “The great thing about our company is that it will never grow old. Our figures are timeless. They are adorable and very versatile. We have used them as iron-ons on T-shirts, window decals, bulletin boards, appliqué patterns for aprons, dish towels... you are truly limited only by your imagination.”

They are currently working on creating greeting cards, quotes, and coloring book pages. Their goal is to be THE place to find the perfect idea for a card, gift tag, or embellishment for any project.

To learn more about The Stackable Crew and see all of the fun designs currently available, check out their website.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

How cute! They're so adorable.

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