Nov 14, 2008

Framed Layouts

Do you remember when you first started scrapbooking? If your initial attempts at scrapbooking are anything like mine, you probably want to leave those pages in the archives. I’ve been tempted to redo them more than once. But the task seems too daunting and I can’t justify redoing pages already done and in albums when I have boxes full of pictures still waiting to find a home.

Scrapbookers spend hours creating amazing layouts, but then hide their works of art in the deep recesses of bulging scrapbooks. A recent trend—framing—helps you enjoy your layouts today, rather just putting them away for future generations.

Creating pages for framing is not much different from creating pages for a book. If anything, it’s even more fun. You’ll showcase your scrapbooking skills and decorate the house while you’re at it!

Creating layouts designed specifically for wall display adds a whole new dimension. You are no longer limited to the size and shape of a scrapbook. You could make huge poster-sized pages, oval and round pages, long thin rectangle pages . . . you get the picture. Any size or shape of frame can be turned into a scrapbook layout.

Often, framing allows you more depth to utilize bulky embellishments or memorabilia you wouldn’t include in a scrapbook. For example, the layout on the right includes a baby page you might see in any regular scrapbook, but because it’s in a deep frame, the knitted hat the baby wore in the hospital is also included.

Shop around for unique and unusual frames. Practically any frame can be turned into a scrapbooking layout. Check junk stores, department stores, garage sales, and even the dollar store.

Select a frame, and then picture where you want it to hang in your house. You can even decorate the frame and the page to match the surroundings. Check out my altered frames articles for some ideas. Don’t limit yourself!

Start today by seeing if you have any old frames lying around. Frames are also available in all standard scrapbook sizes from 6x6, up to 12x12. You can usually find them right alongside the scrapbooks in your local craft or scrapbook supply store.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

I had never thought about framing pages, but that's an awesome idea, especially for bulky additions.

I'll have to show you my first scrapbook pages just so you can laugh at me. It will be quite entertaining. :)

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