Jan 5, 2009

Altered Art: Composition Books

Do you remember using composition books in school? I've always loved them. With their hard cardboard cover and sewn spine, they seem more like a real book to me than a regular spiral bound notebook.

Since Christmas break is over, the kids are back to school, and a new semester is around the corner, it's a great time to replenish some of those school supplies. Surprise them with a new notebook and some fun scrapbooking supplies to make it one-of-a-kind.

I have an 11 year old daughter who recently went through the Hannah Montana craze, so we bought a Hannah notebook for school. Well, it only took a few days of kids teasing her about it before she came home and wanted to cover the book. We added some patterned paper and coordinating stickers in under 10 minutes, and now all the kids comment on how cute her notebook is instead of making fun of it.

You probably really don't need directions, just lay the book on the paper, trace it and cut it out, then glue it on. Add stickers, ribbon, embellishments, and you're done. A fun idea is to personalize them with someone's name to give as a gift.

To get your imagination going, I've posted a few pictures below:

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Karlene said...

My girls and I have done this before and it's so much fun! And very easy. One year we did it as Christmas gifts for their friends. I stock up in the fall when Wal-Mart has them for 50 cents each.

voiceofangel said...

Those are awesome books. I loved them as a kid and I still like them although I really don't have any use for notebooks. Yet. :D Great ideas though!

Cindy Beck said...

Great idea ... the books would make wonderful gifts for kids' friends for not only Christmas, but also birthdays. Even boys would like it if done in a sports theme!

Heather Justesen said...

Kim, I love your clever ideas, they're so cute!

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