Jan 22, 2009

Natural Light

Contrary to popular belief, the middle of a sunny day isn't the best for taking pictures. For optimal pictures take them in natural light by a window, or outdoors in indirect sunlight. Keep an eye on areas throughout your house. At certain times of day, depending on which direction the windows face, sun streams in through the glass. Even if the sun isn't directly shining through the window, you can place the subject of your picture near the window and still get some great shots.

Outdoors is, of course, the perfect spot for natural lighting. Make sure to have the sun behind your subjects so they aren't squinting into the light and so they don't end up with shadows underneath their eyes, nose, and chin. Sometimes an overcast day is preferable for pictures. It creates a soft look and affects the mood of your photo. Consider taking the same photo in different kinds of lighting. Different lights create different moods.

If you're like me, you don't have the luxury of waiting hours until the light is 'just right' because children walk away and sunsets fade, don't stress about it. But do use natural light whenever possible. For some other fun photo tips check out my previous post: 5 Tips to Better Photos.

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Nichole Giles said...

Good point, Kim. The sad thing is that my wedding photographer wasn't informed about that trick, and lots of my wedding photos are ruined because of bad lighting and harsh shadows.

Pictures are always the most beautiful when they're muted with natural light.


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