Feb 19, 2009

Finding Time to Scrapbook

Sometimes scrapbooking can be completely overwhelming and seems like a neverending job. In this blog I'm going to explore some ways you can find more time scrapbook. As busy mom's it's hard to find time to get everything done, but hopefully some of these suggestions will help you find ways to use little bits of extra time you do have.

There are three elements we can work on:
1. Establish scrapbooking as a priority.
2. Find storage and working space.
3. Use time-management skills.

Establish scrapbooking as a priority.

Any project that is going to get done needs to be given priority status. Think of your time spent scrapbooking as an investment not only in the memories of the past, but in the future as well. The scrapbooks you are creating and the memories you preserve will benefit future generations.

Scrapbooking can be a great stress reliever. Mom's need to take time for themselves to renew their spirit and refocus their lives. Scrapbooking is one way I do this. It gives me time to be alone with my thoughts. Being creative seems to clear my mind and helps me figure things out in other aspects of my life.

Find storage and working space.

It is very important to have an accessible space in your home -- however small -- for storing your scrapbook supplies. You should also create a space to work on scrapbooks when you're ready.

When I first started scrapbooking I found it overwhelming to get all my supplies out, only to sit down and then be interrupted by kids, and have to put it all away again. It seemed so overwhelming that I often chose to just not get it out. I eventually ended up putting a card table in the corner of a room and piled all my supplies on top and underneath and left a few essential tools out so they would already be easily accessible.

If your supplies are spread out in various closets, even the thought of sitting down to scrap may be overwhelming. If they're all together, and each supply has it's own space, you can immediately settle into creating layouts.

Use time-management skills.

Now to tackle the issue of time. It can be hard to find ways to scrapbook, especially with little children around. The best solution I've found for this is to let them feel involved. I put all of my scrap paper, extra stickers, markers, crayons, etc. in a box for the kids to use. If they have their own supplies to play with they give me more time to work on my projects.

Just remember than even 5-10 minutes is long enough to make some progress on your albums. By using small time segments instead of waiting for a block of an hour or two, you will make progress, avoid frustration and keep the creative juices flowing.

If you do have large blocks of time during the week when your little helpers are otherwise occupied, you can do things that take more time and concentration, like sorting photos or organizing paper and cardstock.

Time and priorities are difficult challenges for all of us. But by using our creativity to organize ourselves, we have the opportunity to do what we love and take care of our duties as well. But like most things in life, preparation and organization make the experience more rewarding, productive and enjoyable. Keep in mind, you should not feel discouraged about unfinished projects because creative people always have them.

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Nichole Giles said...

Great ideas. I think these thoughts can also apply to writing. Make it a priority, work in short blocks, and having a specific space where you keep all your tools (computer, thesaurus, reference books, etc.) Great plan.


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