Jul 31, 2009

First Annual Valor Publishing Group Family Picnic

This week my family and I attended the first annual Valor Publishing Group family picnic. I had lots of fun chatting with old friends and making new ones. It was a little scary introducing myself as an author for the first time.

Me and my cute kids! The boys stopped throwing water at each other long enough to pose for this picture.

Candace, BJ, and Tristi, three of the four members of the Valor board.

I feel so lucky to be associated with all the great new Authors at Valor. Keep an eye on them--there are lots of amazing things happening.


L.T. Elliot said...

That looks like so much fun! Karen told me it was a blast and from little I've gleaned of them, Valor sounds like a first class publishing company. I'm dumbstruck by how attentive and involved they are. My very sincerest, heartfelt congratulations, Kim! You've found a wonderful home to be an author!!

Valor - Day to Day said...

Glad you had fun, Kim. Believe me, we were very excited to have you introduce yourself as an author the first time.

Your book "I'll Know You By Heart" is going to take the romance market by storm. You're a fantastic writer and we are thrilled to be publishing you.

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