Jan 18, 2010

Swimming with the Sharks

I just returned from a fun weekend with my family in Las Vegas for a soccer tournament. While there, we walked through the Golden Nugget hotel on our way to the Fremont Street Experience. The hotel has an amazing swimming pool.  The pool surrounds a huge 200,000 gallon aquarium and has a 3-story waterslide that goes right through the tank full of exotic fish and sharks.

The kids thought it was totally cool, and I wanted to share a picture. If you are ever in Vegas, you should check it out.

So to relate this to writing--

The LDS writing community is very unique. As a new struggling writer, trying to learn the craft, I associate with many established writers at conferences, through online communities, and critique groups.   I definitely feel like a little fish in a big pond, but they are all unbelievably supportive.  Through classes, one-on-one help, and informative blogs, I have been taught by people who have already succeeded.  They are more than willing to share their knowledge and are the first to celebrate in a new author's success.  I may be swimming with the sharks, but I'm not getting eaten alive.  Without the help of all the writing friends I've made, I wouldn't be where I am today--looking forward to the release of my first novel.

For all of you who are interested, the most helpful conference I've attended is the LDStorymakers Conference.  It's being held in April this year, in Provo, Utah.  For more information, check it out here.


Kim said...

Congratulations on your upcoming book. I'm so excited for you. I completely agree with your sediment about the helpful LDS writing community. I've found so much more help than I had ever expected. It truly is wonderful. I can't wait for the conference in April.

Keith Fisher said...

Swimmng with Sharks huh? did you try the experience in Las Vegas? must've been cool. Can't wait for the conference and for your book to come out.

You are definately NOT a lttle fish in a big pond when it comes to your writing. You are very talented and deserve high praise.

elizabeth said...

Wow, Kimberly!
You definitely have talent with words! I LOVE your scene themed words with sharks, not getting bitten.

I also agree with you. LDStorymakers has been one of the best writers conferences I have ever been to--the published authors really validated the aspiring ones!

Congratulations on your upcoming book, I am so very happy for you!!
Woot! ;)

L.T. Elliot said...

Kim, you're amazing. And in my opinion, you're not getting eaten alive because you make it come alive.

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