Aug 18, 2008

"All About Me" Album

As a devoted Scrapbooker you likely gain satisfaction from scrapbooking about others. But, do you have an ‘All About Me' album? How many pictures do you have of yourself? Or, are you like me and are always the person behind the camera? Will your children know your favorite color, your daily routine, where you went to school, or who your best friends were?

A personal scrapbook will leave behind a legacy for those who never get the chance to know you. While writing this blog, I read about a mother who had terminal cancer. In her final days, instead of resting, she struggled to put together scrapbook albums of herself. Why? So that her two very young toddlers will get to know about the mommy whom they'll never see in person again. The scrapbooks will be constant reminders of their mother's love for them. It's a heart-wrenching story, but it's a wake up call as well. Remember that you don't always have an eternity. Make time now to leave behind a part of who you are.

One fun way to create an "About Me" album is to determine a theme for each page and then design a scrapbook page around it. Here are some ideas to get you started:

- 10 Things About Me
- Circle of Friends
- Crafts & Hobbies
- A Day in my Life
- My Favorites
- Fears
- Where I was Born
- High School Years
- Hopes & Dreams
- I am Blessed
- I am Grateful
- How I'm Unique
- My Quirks

After you create an album all about you, take time often to look through it and discover just how amazing you really are. You'll realize that you aren't 'just a mom'. You'll see that you are a wife, sister, daughter, student, colleague, homemaker, teacher, and friend. As you flip through a scrapbook about you, you'll fondly recall the journey you've been on and all the progress you've made. I know you're amazing, and it's about time the world did too!

Return to the Neighborhood.


Cathy Witbeck said...

What a great idea, Kim. I've done scrapbooks for each of my kids, and I've worked on getting histories from my parents, but I haven't really thought about myself. It would be a great thing to have stuff done for my kids by the time my mind is totally drained,(it's going fast). Thanks for the thoughts.

Rachelle said...

Great reminder and no fair giving us tear-jerkers to get us motivated. I know what you mean though, cuz I'm always behind the camera and so was my mom. It's good to use the auto picture taker feature once in a while. :)

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