Aug 11, 2008

First Day of School Photo Tips

I can hardly believe it's the last week before the kids go back to school. I'm always happy when they get out for the summer, but by this time of the year, I'm happy for them to return to school.

Don't forget the fun photo opportunity that the first day back to school creates. I'm going to share some easy tips with you to make your photos the best they can be.

There's only one "first day of school" each year for every child, so taking a photo that accurately captures this historic event is important. For years to come, both parent and child will look back on that "first day of school photo" with a sense of pride and accomplishment. Without a doubt, parents will want to do a great job of recording this important event on film.

But because the first day of school can create anxiety for both students and parents, Ron Nichols, author of "Picture-Taking for Moms and Dads," shares some tips for creating cherished keepsakes on film without creating unnecessary stress.

Tip 1: Camera, film and a photographic plan should be integrated into that planning. (You don’t want to be scrambling for camera and film as you rush your child out the door to catch the bus.) Hurried activities tend to add stress, so the more prepared and relaxed the parent, the more prepared and relaxed the child.

Tip 2: Be sensitive to your child’s emotions and needs. Preparing your child for both the first day of school, AND the first day of school photo is important. The additional stress of taking a photo before heading off to school might prove a bit taxing for your child. You might wish talk about the “first day of school photo” as a tradition with your child.

Tip 3: Decide where and when would be the most appropriate time to take the photo. If your child’s going off to school on the bus, waiting at the bus stop might be a great place to start. Or perhaps you might even wish to take the photo in front of your house on your way to the bus stop. If you’re picking your child up after school, you might want to take the photo in front of the school. (This can even work out better because the anxiety of over the first day of school will have subsided by then.)

Tip 4: Make it a tradition. The first day of school is a great time to chronicle (photographically) the growth of your child. One day (which will come sooner than you think) you’ll probably take a photo of your child heading off to the first day of college.

Tip 5: Don’t forget to photograph the younger children who may not be going off to school. A picture of a younger brother or sister along with the “first-day-of-school subject” could yield some wonderful images.

Tip 6: Keep shooting throughout the year. Throughout the year, you’ll have multiple opportunities to get wonderful photographs of your child’s school-related activities. Remember to get close, use natural light when you can, AND enjoy every moment with your child! They will be off to college before you know it.

I found these tips helpful, and I hope you did too. If you take some fun back-to-school pictues and create a scrapbooking layout, be sure to send it to me and I'll post it on my blog. Have a great week getting ready for school!

Return to the Neighborhood!


Keith Fisher said...

Thank you for posting the advice. you are always so timely. I have taken pictures of my daughter ervery year on the first day and I love to look back at how much she's grown.

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