Sep 19, 2008

Back-to-Basics: Adhesives

Today I want to discuss one of the most basic elements of your scrapbook--adhesives. As a new scrapbooker it can be confusing knowing which kind to use. They come in a multitude of choices.

Scrapbook pages are no longer just two-dimensional with pictures, paper, and stickers. There are now many 3-D elements such as metal, fabric, and ribbon. There are different adhesives that work best with each of these unique elements.

First of all, keep in mind that any adhesive you use on your scrapbook must be photo safe, particularly when you are adhering the actual photographs. You want them to be preserved over time and using acid free adhesives will ensure their safety.

Here are a few adhesive option for you to consider:

Photo-Corners: These are the oldest and most basic adhesive. I remember looking through photo albums as a child and seeing them, long before scrapbooking was popular. They were intially used because it allowed photographs to be attached to the page and still be easily removed. They are ideal for vintage photos or anything you don't want permanently attached to the page, and they now come in fun colors and designs.

Glue: This comes in many forms. You can get it in bottles, pens, and even preformed dots. It is the most versatile adhesive and glue pen allows you to put even a tiny dot, anyhwhere you need it. It comes in permanent and repositionable varieties and there are also specialized glues made specifically for fabric and metal. And don't forget the plain old glue stick. It allows you to cover a large area quickly. Make sure you get acid-free glue sticks and don't just use the ones made for school projects.

Adhesive Sprays: The advantage of a spray is that you can get even coverage over a large area. They are also usually transparent and work very well with vellum and other papers you can see through. Make sure you cover anything you don't want sprayed. They can be a little messy.

Tape: Most scrapbookers use double-sided tape to adhere photos and page elements. It comes in many forms such as strips, and pre-cut squares. There is a multitude of tape dispensers on the market. My favorite ones are the refillable type you can use over and over. The square can be used to adhere smaller items and strips for large photographs and matting. There is also foam tape which adds a unique three-dimensional look to your scrapbooking projects. It's particularly fun to use on titles and any other element you want to "pop" out.

I personally use mostly tape and occasionally glue sticks and dots. I like glue dots for attaching metal and heavier embellishments. It's stronger than tape and holds them in place. Experiment for yourself with the different options and use whatever you like best. Although not very exciting, it's an essential element to consider and there are tons of varieties to make your scrapbooking easier.

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