Sep 15, 2008

Interactive Pages

Do you remember lift-the-flap board books from your childhood that had hidden pictures, pockets, and tabs to pull with surprises behind them. My children love them. You can recreate something similar on your scrapbook pages.

Hidden journaling is always an adventure and a fun surprise. You can use techniques such as library pockets (get a template here), envelopes, cards, tabs, a gatefold card tied with ribbon, CD pockets, hidden flaps, mini file folders and more. You are only limited by your imagination.

In the layout to the left, a hidden journaling pocket is created behind the picture itself. Put three strips of adhesive on the sides of the picture where the journaling card does not slide in. This creates a pocket behind the picture. Add a pull tab to slide the journaling card out.

If you use page protectors, to easily access the journaling card you can cut a slit in the page protector to enable you to slide the card in and out. If you make the cut along a line or a matted edge in your layout it will be most unnoticeable.

In the layout on the right, in the lower corner there is an accordian mini-book. It's a great place to put extra pictures that won't fit on the layout and include more journaling. By adding ribbon to tie it closed, it becomes an embellishment for your layout.

You can see inside the mini-book here and watch a video about how to make it. It's really cool! Check it out.

Creating interactive pages for your scrapbook by using flaps, tabs, and other pieces that move, allows you to include more pictures and journaling and just makes your scrapbooks a whole lot more fun!

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