Dec 12, 2008

Easy Neighborhood Christmas Gifts

Well, it's started. Almost every night, the doorbell rings, and some child is at the door with a Christmas treat or present to share with us. I'm not sure where the tradition of giving neighbor gifts began. I wonder if it's an LDS only phenomenon, but nevertheless, when I get gifts from my neighbors, I feel like I need to give a gift in return.

I decided to share some easy, crafty, gift ideas with you. I've picked things that will be easy on your wallet, but are still fun and creative.

For any family who has toddler's, I'm sure you've heard of the game, "Don't Eat Pete". My kids love it. Even my bigger kids play--okay, so maybe they are humoring the smaller ones, but I think secretly they still like it.

Laminate the Don't Eat Pete game. You can get a color or black and white copy here. Attach the Christmas M&M poem, with a bag of M&M's.

Go to the Dollar Store and purchase a small cutting board, oven mitt, and a 6-pack of candy bars. Wrap a ribbon around them and attach the instructions for this fun candy bar game.

Purchase an ornament and then attach a card explaining the legend or meaning behind the symbol. You can find examples here. See the examples of tags below.

Add a baggie of Reindeer Food to the front of a gift as an embellishment.

You can also use Candy Grams which are super easy and fun. Here are a few ideas. Click on this link for tons more!

-Candle: Thanks for letting your light shine.
-Measuring Cups: Wishing you joy beyond measure.
-Bubble Bath: May your holidays bubble over with fun.
-Chocolate Orange: Orange you glad it's Christmas?
-Cookie Dough: Here's a little extra dough this Christmas.

You get the idea. They are kind of corny, but fun. I hope these ideas will help get your imagination started. If you know of a fun idea, I'd love to hear about it. Have a happy holiday!

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