Dec 5, 2008

File Folder Albums

I was looking around on the internet the other day, looking for something new I could share with you. On the Two Peas in a Pod website, I ran across a project which I think is totally ingenious and very cool—File Folder Albums. Be sure to go to the link and check it out. You can look inside the above album and see all the pages. It's totally amazing!

Basically, you take several file folders, 3-hole punch them, and then use the fronts, backs, and insides as your scrapbook pages. The really useful thing is you can also label the pages on the file folder tab that sticks out.

I haven’t made one yet, but I’ve got tons of ideas and can’t wait to get started. It would be perfect for a scrapbooking Calendar. Turn the file folders horizontally. On the inside of each folder, print a simple calendar and attach it to the bottom. Then decorate the inside top with the name of the month and a scrapbooking layout including pictures, journaling, quotes or anything you want.

You could either decorate the outsides of the file folder now or save them for later, decorating them with photos of activities you participated in that month. If you don’t want them plain in the meantime, you could cover them in a patterned paper applicable to the monthly theme, which you will use later for the background of your layout. If you don’t like the Calendar idea, you could still use twelve file folders, label the tabs with each month and just create scrapbook pages for each month of the year.

These would be a super fun activities for kids. They could make them as a memento of the school year, including their favorite artwork and assignments they are particularly proud of. Of course, being a writer, I’d encourage you to include a sample of their writing. It is fun to look back at their handwriting as well as the way they put words together.

Older kids could create one file folder for each of their friends, put their name on the tab, and create layouts about their friend and fun things they’ve done together. As a parent, you can use this same idea and create one tab for each child.

It could become a family tradition. Every year after Christmas, together as a family you could create a file folder for that year’s Christmas, including photos taken, family recipes, Christmas cards you received, etc. Then just write the year on the tab and add it to your album.

This brings up the idea of binding. There are many ways you can bind the file folders together. Since you three hold punched them, you could even put them in a hardback binder that has three rings.

Another possibility is to use metal clasp rings that open and close. There are many s sizes available to allow as many folders together as you’d like. There are many fun metal hinges on the market that can be used, or you could simply use ribbon.

Regardless of the type of binding you decide to use, it’s a good idea to reinforce the holes, so the folders don’t eventually tear through. There are clear round stickers made for reinforcing punched holes available at any office supply store. It also helps to glue your paper down before punching the holes, to give one extra layer of reinforcement.

One other binding option, if you aren't creating a very bulky album is to open all the file folders, lay them on top of one another, and using a sturdy sewing machine, stitch several times up and down the spine of the folders.

I’m going to make one of these during Christmas break. I’ll be sure and post some pictures on my blog.

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Nichole Giles said...

Oh my, those are so cute! Thanks for the great ideas, and congratulations on submitting your manuscript. I have my fingers crossed for you!


Cathy Witbeck said...

As always, your ideas are so great. What an awesome way to keep track of stuff and share so much. Thanks Kim.

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