Jun 11, 2008

5 Tips to better photos

Do you want to take better photographs? There are simple ways to make photos more engaging. I recently read an amazing book, Photography for Scrapbookers, by Tracy White. She presented 5 tips for better photos:

1- Pick up your camera, hold it to your eye and look around. What do you see? Are there toys on the ground? Are you cropping your husband’s head off as you focus on your little one? Now move the camera around so you eliminate those distractions.

2- Stand up, then take 3 giant steps forward. You’ll get better photos by simply moving closer to your subject.

3- Try taking photos kneeling down. Taking photos from different perspectives will help you take amazing images.

4- Turn off your flash. It sounds contradictory, but in most situations you don’t need a flash. Instead, place your subject next to a window or open door and use the natural light to illuminate them.

5- Read your camera’s manual. By understanding your camera, you’re going to get better photos.

Try these fun photo ideas:

-Capture candid shots of friends and family: playing football, doing homework, sharing a bowl of popcorn.

-Take multiple photos to tell a story: baking a cake, building a sandcastle, remodeling a house.

-Take pictures in nature: children jumping in puddles after a rainstorm, a husband fishing, a couple sitting by the lake showing their reflection.

-Photograph details: buttons on the back of a prom dress, flowers on lapel of groom, bows on birthday presents.

-Take pictures of traditional holiday food to embellish holiday pages: frosted valentine cookies, caramel apples lined up at Halloween, turkey on thanksgiving.

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Queen of Chaos said...

Cool! Great stuff to know- since I'm a scrapbooker as well it's a must to have clear and good pictures to work with. :)

How's your writing coming along?

Kim Thompson said...

Good to hear from you, Autumn! My story's coming along. I wish I could finish it faster . . . but you know how that goes with a large family.

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