Mar 27, 2009

Easter Traditions

Easter is fast approaching. Every time a holiday nears, my thoughts turn to our family traditions and what I can do ahead of time to prepare for the day. Easter is a unique holiday. From my experience, there seems to be a lot of variety in the way families celebrate.

When I was a child, the Easter Bunnny would come and spread candy all over the basement. My brothers and I would stand at the top of the stairs, eyes wide, looking at the candy strewn all over. We'd have to wait for Dad to get downstairs with the camera before we could scramble and fill our baskets with candy. After a mad dash through the house, collecting everything our baskets, hands, and often even our shirts could hold, we sat down and sorted our candy. Even though everyone selfishly gathered the candy, we always divided it equally in the end. I guess it was just the fun of trying to get the most that made us act like crazy people.

Somehow, that tradition has led to our own family tradition of hiding the Easter baskets already full of candy. They've ended up som very interesting places: in the dryer, in closets, under chairs, outside, and even in the shower. Believe me, wet chocolate eggs just don't quite taste the same and the jelly beans stick together.

Easter always mean a new dress for me and a shirt and tie for my brothers. Now we have a large family and it's not economically possible to do that for my other children, but we still take a little bit longer getting ready for church on Easter morning, wanting to look our best.

Some years, we've participated in as Passover feast, which is always around Easter. Brigham Young University does one every year and I strongly recommend going if you ever have the chance. It makes you look at the Passover in a whole new light.

Then, of course, there's the favorite tradition . . . coloring Easter eggs. I've found some fun ideas for coloring eggs that I'll share with you next week, so be sure to check back. I'd love to hear some of your Easter traditions, so please leave comments.

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Nichole Giles said...

Sounds like you always have fun at Easter.

My dad used to make us personalized hunts, with riddles we had to solve to get to each item. Since they were personalized, we each got an equal amount, and we loved solving the puzzle of where to find everything.

My husband's family always does a big hunt in the yard. The treats are labeled with everyone's names so each kid gets the exact same amount and also so we can make sure everything is found.

Cathy Witbeck said...

Our family had the same tradition of hiding the baskets in odd places and we do it for our kids now. It gets to be a challenge trying to find new places to put them. Sometimes we have to do the "you're getting hotter, you're getting colder" game if the Easter Bunny was too thorough.

Kim Thompson said...

That sounds like fun, Nichole. My mom's done something similar for the Easter egg hunt she hold for the grandkids every year.

We've had to play the hot/cold game too. It's hard coming up with new hiding places every year.

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