Mar 13, 2009

Journal Keeping

Growing up in the Church, I’ve long been taught of the importance of keeping a journal. I know that it’s important to record the details of my life. I’ve found this helps me as I look back and see difficult situations I’ve been able to overcome. I’m hopeful that some day it will benefit future generations as well. I’m far from perfect and I hope others can learn from my mistakes.

I’m in the middle of a new relationship in my life. Last week, I found myself wishing that I had taken time from the beginning to record all the special memories we are making. They are still fresh in my mind and I could probably go back now and record them, but that’s not as good as if I had written them down as they happened.

Then I discovered an amazing thing—my email inbox. I read through all the emails I’ve received from this special person in my life, and realized I do have a record of most of the things we’ve experienced together. I’m grateful for that written evidence of the way our relationship has developed over time and the many amazing things we’ve been through and done together. I’m going to print them out and put them in a scrapbook. Some of them can be embellished by pictures, but even just the written record is priceless.

Don’t overlook your email as a source of precious memories. Especially if you have a loved one far away who you communicate with electronically, it can be a great source of ideas for scrapbooking. I know many families who send family newsletters out monthly which keep them involved in the happenings of their loved ones. These make fun, easy pages with memories that cannot be recreated.

Because of the advent of digital scrapbooking, it is not uncommon to use your computer for scrapbooking, While you are there, remember to check you inbox If you are struggling for new scrapbooking ideas.

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Nichole Giles said...

Okay, first, I love having my email inbox to help me keep track of special conversations.

Second, I would like MORE DETAILS! (And I expect some next week at critique group.)

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