Mar 9, 2009

A gift for new Mothers

I was excited to receive my contributor copy of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers, which includes my short story, Equal to the Task.

There’s a new baby in the house—and it’s not the only one crying. New moms cry happy tears, tired tears, and overwhelmed tears—and that’s when the wisdom, sensitivity, and empathy of women who’ve been there prove invaluable. In this book, you meet fifty mommies who’ve lived and loved through those terribly wonderful first months home with baby. From a first time mom faced with keeping her little miracle safe and happy once daddy goes back to work, to a mother who wonders how she will find time for the newest member of her already sizable family, these moving stories provide the support and reassurance mothers need to enjoy their new role—and their baby—to the fullest!

Here is a short excerpt from my story, Equal to the Task:

"What's wrong? Why isn't she crying?"

A swarm of doctors and nurses were in the delivery room, but no one would tell me anything. As soon as Emily had been delivered just moments before, they'd whisked her to the corner of the room. I lifted my head trying to see what was happening, holding onto a shred of hope. Although I hadn't heard her cry, I thought I'd seen her move. She wouldn't move if she were dead, would she?

To read more of my story, as well as the other amazing stories about new life and love, you can purchase a copy of A Cup of Comfort for New Mothers on Amazon. It is a great gift for any new mom.


Keith Fisher said...

I"m very impressed. and I'm very glad that Emily is well and happy and growing

Keith Fisher said...

PS I told you that youwould be published before. :)

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