Apr 5, 2008

All About Me

I've been contemplating starting a blog for a while now. Well, with a little urging from Tristi Pinkston, I've decided to start one. I'm new to this blogging world so be patient with me and I'll learn as I go. I guess I'll start by introducing myself.

I grew up in Orem, Utah and have basically lived in Utah all my life (not counting the short stint in Florida, where I couldn't stay because there were too many big bugs). I've been married for 18 years and I have six children ranging in age from 4-15. They are the greatest blessing and the biggest challenge I've ever faced. I'm homeschooling two of them this year, which brings it's own set of challenges and new things to learn.

I'm an aspiring LDS fiction writer. I'm fairly new to the world of writing, but I've been caught up in the whirlwind. It's hard to find time to write, but once I sit down and start, it's hard to stop. It's almost addicting. I recently attended the LDStorymakers conference for the first time. I made some new friends and learned lots! I've also joined a critique group and I can already tell my writing has improved from the things I've learned so far.

I also have an online scrapbooking business that I run from home. I sell discounted scrapbooking supplies. So, if you love scrapbooking like me-check it out: www.kimsscrapshack.com

Well, it's way past this mom's bedtime, but I'll write again soon. Bye for now!


Keith Fisher said...

Welcome to the world of blogging and to the world of writing. I hope you find much joy in both.

Autumn Ables said...

Hi, Kim! I'm so happy you decided to start a blog. :) It really has been a delight in my life. Addicting...but a delight.

Your blog header is stinkin' cute! Good job!

I swear the moment I met you at the LDS Storymakers conference I felt you were a woman after my own heart. As I read more...I can say it with more confidence. :)
You are so sweet, stylish, a scrapbooker, a writer, a mommy, a homeschooler {I did that for a couple years, too. Another story.} and now a blogger! Welcome to this new and exciting world where friends are waiting for you. {including ME}

Here is my other blog:

{It's a little more exciting on that blog}

I look forward to becoming fast friends with you. (((HUGS)))- Autumn

Tristi Pinkston said...

I'm so glad I was able to lure you to the dark side . . . um, convince you to blog. :)

I homeschool too -- we have lots in common! And to echo Autumn, dang cute blog header!

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks Keith! Ditto--I think you know what I mean. :)

Tristi and Autumn-
Thanks for commenting and for the kind words about my header. I had too much fun making it.

Love you guys!!

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