Apr 22, 2008

Enjoy Yourself

After a week off for Spring Break, my kids are back in school. This means I have more time to write.

I've been thinking a lot about why I enjoy writing. I've decided it's the same reason I like to read. I like the escape it gives me. It allows me to leave my life and problems behind and temporarily be in someone else's.

Something unexpected has happened to me since I started writing. I'm discovering things about myself. Things I don't think I could have discovered any other way. It allows me an emotional outlet for what's inside, and it's helping me grow as a person.

Ultimately, I hope to influence someone through my writing. I hope it will make them want to be better, to do better. I'd like to create something significant to pass on to those I love and care about. But in the meantime, it's helping me learn and grow, and I'm having tons of fun!

Never lose sight of the real reason for writing; sheer enjoyment. Keep in mind that if writing can bring pleasure to you and your readers, you will have made a difference in the world.


Annette Lyon said...

Well put! Writing for me has always been an emotional release valve. That's why my life gets topsy-turvy if I stop doing it for any extended period. For the sake of my sanity--and my family--I have to write.

Autumn Ables said...

I feel the same way as you in that writing is helping me grow. I'm learning so much about me and it's kinda cool!

And I'm happy to read you have some more time for YOU. :) Spring Break drains me! Summer break isn't as bad because we aren't trying to cram a bazillion things into just 1 week.

BTW- I finally posted your tag on me! But beware- it's very me and not the 'norm'.

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