Apr 12, 2008

What If?

Have you ever been stuck and couldn’t think what to write next? I’m sure we’ve all been there, done that. Whether you’re writing poetry, science fiction, mysteries, romance, fantasy novels, or your family history, don’t just look at things as they are. Also consider how they might be.

Take any one element of your manuscript and ask yourself—what if? What if this were different? What if the protagonist were twenty years older, or less confident, or stuck in traffic ten minutes longer? What if the plane never arrived? What if the scene was written from Jack’s point of view instead of Jill’s?

You may be surprised at some of your answers. It just might spark your imagination and lead you down a whole new road, or it may just get you over the latest speed bump. (Thanks for that term, Annette!)

Questions can especially be helpful when you don’t know where you’re heading, or when the story seems to be losing its energy.

So, next time your stuck, just remember to ask….What if?


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