Jun 4, 2008

Missing Children

They're gone. It's been exactly 23 hours 37 minutes and 16 seconds, and I'm missing them already.

My two middle children left yesterday to spend the WHOLE month of June in Texas, visiting their cousins. I was sad to see them go and instructed them they better come back to me. I'm always afraid when my kids leave me for any extended period of time that something will happen to them. But I'm in the middle of moving, so having two less kids to watch after and taxi around will help.

Free Smileys & Emoticons at Clipart of.comSo, send happy thoughts my way. I'm missing my kids today.


Karlene said...

It's a catch-22. Once when I was really sick, I sent my kids to various grandparents for visits. I missed them like crazy but I couldn't have gotten well while taking care of them. Good thoughts to you.

Candace E. Salima said...

Kim - I didn't know you were moving. Oh my gosh, you have my heartfelt sympathies. Also, I have tried emailing you multiple times and the yahoo address keeps getting bounced back to me about 95% of the time. May I suggest you create a Gmail account (mail.google.com) for communication with me for the Neighborhood? I just wanted to tell you that they have given your Scrapbooking Store a space in the Street Fair on the LDS Outlets block. It should be up tonight or tomorrow, so take a look. That's for the Thursday blogs you write. Congratulations!

Kim Thompson said...

Thanks for the happy thoughts, Karlene.

Candace - Thanks! I checked out the neighborhood and saw my store there. Too cool.

Marsha Ward said...

I know how it is with missing kids, Kim. Years ago I had to send mine off when I had pre-eclampsia. I could hardly stand it.

The time does come when you want them out of the house and established on their own, though! LOL!

Please let me know your new address so the ANWA newsletter will reach you. Thanks.

G. Parker said...

It's always a mixed thing, isn't it. I would love to send my kids off right now for just a week...grin. I have camps coming up in July that will do just that. I'll be ready for them to come home, I'm sure. take care!

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