Jun 9, 2008

Scrapbook Blogger

What is a mommy blogger?

A mommy blogger is a small part of the blogging world that consists of moms who blog about their children. Some mother’s blog about daily activities, and others only record major milestones in their children’s lives. Other mommy blogs cover a variety of subjects, including their children. The blogs are as varied and unique as the women who write them. But they are all an amazing look into the life of being a mother.

So, why do women blog about their children? It is essentially an online journal of their children’s lives. It’s a great place for friends and relatives to read about the happenings in your family. And it gives your children something to look back on. It’s always fun for children to read about themselves.

There is a fun new product I just discovered tailored perfectly to this group of bloggers. It is called Scrapbook Blogger. It’s a new and innovative way to turn your blog into a printed scrapbook to keep forever.
Scrapbook blogger was created by Ashley Cuttino. Ashley began blogging about her life and her experiences as a new mom right before the birth of her first child. As a new mom, Ashley quickly realized that despite her best intentions to create a traditional scrapbook of her child's growth and development, she simply did not have the time, inclination or creativity required for such a project. Then the realization came that she had already created a scrapbook for her daughter with pictures and stories that was much better than anything she could recreate with paper and scissors—her blog.

Ashley said, “Once my girls were born it became very important to me to preserve my memories of them for the future. My mother passed away very suddenly at the age of 50 before I was married or had any children. I would give anything to be able to read about my mom’s thoughts on motherhood and see the memories of my childhood. Everyday I have questions about motherhood that I would love to ask her. To have a scrapbook that had her thoughts and memories that I could look back on now would be priceless!”
Ashley made the decision to find a way to print and bind her blog into a hard copy, coffee table style book. The software program that was developed allows a blogger to download all or part of a blog and then add backgrounds to each post to give the book a true scrapbook feeling. Hence, Scrapbook Blogger was born and now Ashley is leaving a legacy for her own children. They will be able to see what they were like as children, and what she was like as their mother.

I hope you’ll check it out. It’s an amazing idea and is so simple to use, anyone can do it. I can’t wait to have enough blog posts to print my own.

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