Jun 2, 2008

Heaven Scent Blog Tour

I'm participating in Rebecca Talley's blog tour for her recently published book, Heaven Scent. I can't wait to read it and share my review. My 15 year old daughter took it from me and read it before I had a chance. She loved it. I'll include some of her comments in my review.

Here's a brief blurb about the book:

"She'd wanted her father to pay more attention to her, and she'd wanted her family to be like it used to be. She hadn't wanted everything to change so drastically that she may not even survive it."

As Liza proves herself a basketball star, everyone - from college basketball recruiters to the gorgeous Kyle Reynolds - seems to take note of her. Everyone, that is, except her own father. While her father is busy at his law practice, Liza learns about a strange new religion from Kyle. Could Kyle's religion help her family? Or is it already too late for her father to make amends?

When yet another broken promise finally leads to tragedy, Liza doesn't know if she will ever be able to forgive her father. It will take a good friend, a new belief, and a miracle straight from heaven to help Liza see that she still has a choice. The compelling story of a high school basketball star, this is a novel every girl will want, and none will be able to put down!

The following is a schedule of the stops Rebecca will make. Be sure to check them out. It's sure to be lots of fun!

June 9 Ronda Hinrichsen
June 10 Don Carey
June 11 Stephanie Humphreys
June 12 Nichole Giles
June 16 Michelle Jefferies
June 17 Emily Debenham
June 18 Danyelle Ferguson
June 19 Ali Cross
June 20 Karen Hoover
June 23 Heather Justesen
June 24 Kim Thompson - That's Me!
June 25 Rachelle Christensen
June 26 Andy Lemmon
June 27 Karlene Browning
June 30 Marcia Mickelson
July 1 Cindy Beck


Karlene said...

I finished Heaven Scent two weeks ago. Will be posting my review later this month. I think it's a great read for teenage girls.

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