Aug 29, 2008

Terrific Titles

A title defines the mood of your scrapbook layout. Because of its prominent placement on the page, it should be given serious consideration.

Before you start putting pictures onto the pages of your scrapbook take some time and decide which titles you will be using. You can also add in captions, poems and sayings to add even more personality to your scrapbook. The titles and other words you add create the theme of the scrapbook.

The title can be as simple as a date or word for an event. However you can convey the mood of your page and tell part of the story by using creative titles. To get an idea, here are some examples:

New Baby
Love at First Sight
Fresh from Heaven
We've only just Begun

Bath Time
Bubble Trouble
Makin' a Splash
Squeeky Clean

Born to Party
Ready, Set, Blow!

From Here to Eternity
I'm Yours

There of tons of resources on the internet for title ideas. Check out The Perfect Title.

If you put just a little extra thought into choosing the titles for your scrapbook layouts, they then become a true part of the story you're telling and not just large words at the top of the page. So think about the event your scrapbook layout is celebrating. And then think again. Look beyond the obvious.

Once you've decided on the perfect title, find a creative way to use it. It doesn't always have to be placed across the top of the page. Below are a few ideas:

-Stretch a long title across a two-page spread.
-Place the title beneath the pictures at the bottom of your page.
-For smaller titles, position your words directly above your journaling on the same block.
-Highlight some of the words in your journaling or quote and let that stand as your title.
-Turn things around! Vertical titles offer a wonderful change of pace.
-Place the letters in your title so that they overlap onto a photograph.
-Run your words across the middle of the page.
-Add a title to one side of a thick photo mat.
-Pick up any magazine or newspaper and flip through it for more title placement inspiration.

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Karlene said...

Those are great ideas! You are so creative. I love the look of those pages--especially the Bathing Beauty one.

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