Feb 2, 2010

Honest Scrap!

My darling friend, Elizabeth Mueller, recently gave me two awards, Honest Scrap, and The Lovely Blog award.  For those who don't know Elizabeth, check out her blog.  She is super talented.  Her blog posts always inspire me, and she throws in plenty of fun as well.  Not only is she a great writer, she is an amazing artist.  You can see some of her artwork here.

For the Honest Scrap award, I'm supposed to share 10 honest facts about me.  I'll try to come up with things you might not already know. 

1)  I LOVE reality TV.  I know it's a big waste of time, but I can't help myself.  Currently, I'm watching The Bachelor, The Biggest Loser, and American Idol.

2)  If I'm at home, I'm usually wearing pajamas.  Okay, I admit, I wear them to Walmart too. 

3)  People often think I'm snotty, but I'm just uncomfortable in social settings, so I avoid people if at all possible.  (Any tips on overcoming this are more than welcome.)

4)  I love colorful, crazy socks.  My husband tells me they don't match what I'm wearing, but I don't really care.

5)  I sometimes feel guilty that I don't seem as passionate about writing as some of my friends.  I like it--I really do--it's just not my first priority.

6)  I'm a high-school dropout.  Gasp!  Okay, I finished later and even got a Bachelor degree, so that makes up for the follies of my youth.  Right??

7)  I generally get along better with men than women.  I don't really have any girl friends I can just hang out with.  (Working on this one, though!)

8.  I love being with my teenage kids and their friends.  They make life fun and interesting.  Maybe I just need to grow up?  Ya think?

9.  I am Directionally challenged.  I would get terribly lost without my darling husband.  Never take me into the middle of a city and drop me off.  I'd be lost forever.

10.  I love, love, love to learn new things.  If I'm not constantly trying to figure out something new, I go crazy.  My latest attempt is trying to learn html so that I can make all my blogs cool.  You'll be seeing some new blogs from me as I practice all the new things I'm learning.

Now I get to pass this fun (??) award on to 5 unsuspecting bloggers:

(Okay, I cheated!  These are the members of my critique group.)

And one more:
C.L. Beck (Cuz she's so dang funny!)


Jen said...

Congratulations!!!! I am with you on the reality, I don't care how bad or how good it is, it is addicting and I love all the ones you are currently watching!!! I watch them religiously as well!

L.T. Elliot said...

I love fun socks. We like to get holiday ones too. My older sister loves the kind with the toes in them.

Lizzie is pretty fabulous, huh? And don't feel bad about the HS thing. I barely eked by. =P

Queen of Chaos said...

Yeah, we're pretty much the same person. ;) Well, I don't wear crazy socks and I get along with girls more then boys. I don't have teens yet but I hope to enjoy their company as you do. But, everything else is right on the money!

Ok, I LOVE your fonts for your post titles. HOW did you do that? I NEED it on my blog. Yep, NEED. :)

elizabeth mueller said...

Congratulation on your awards! You so deserve them! I really love your honesty and how beautiful the tone of your heart is when you present yourself in your writing. :) I really can't wait to meet you in person. I am going to LTUE and Storymakers--will you be there?

We all do crazy things when we are young, you know? You worked really hard to make up for it and I am really proud of you for that!

As far as social discomfort--I have this good friend (next door neighbor). She retired from being a social worker. She told me the BEST way to break out of that is to ask questions about the person you are with. She told me people love to talk about themselves and they'll think you are the most wonderful person for it, too.

Guess what? I tried it. Guess on who? The person I never thought would EVER like me. My mother-in-law!! I tried that. I asked her many, many questions about her health, her likes, her dislikes, etc. Guess what? A week later, my hubby said, "Liz! What did you say to my mom? She can't stop praising you!"

This makes me cry with gratitude. :)

ali said...

Holy Moly your blog is beautiful! Congrats!

And congrats on the awards too!

You might be uncomfortable in social settings and feel like you don't have girlfriends, but I can tell you that I think you are one of the most beautiful, gentle and kind people I know. Totally generous. Big, Big hearted. I think you're wonderful.

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