Feb 20, 2010

Proud Mommy!

My two oldest children are gone to Preference tonight.  Here's a picture of them before they left. 

Aren't they cute?

There are many reasons why I'm proud of these two.  They are both great kids, make righteous choices, and set a good example for their friends.  Tonight, I'm particularly proud of my son. 

Preference is a girl's choice dance.  One of my son's best friends is a darling girl.  We tease him about having a girlfriend, but they are just really good friends.  We all assumed she would ask him to the dance, but before she could, he was asked by a girl who goes to his school that is mentally handicapped.  She is a very sweet girl, but every time she's asked a boy to a dance, she's been turned down.

Without even hesitating, my son agreed to go to Preference with her.  It may not have been his first choice, but I am so proud of him for considering another's feelings.  His best friend (the other girl) was a great sport about not being able to go to the dance since my son was already taken, and she apparently didn't want to take anyone else.  She even made their corsage and boutonniere, and brought him a special treat before he went.  Good friends make all the difference. 

It was cute when the girl picked him up.  She was so excited when he gave her the corsage.  I took lots of pictures, and I can't wait until he comes home so I can hear all about his date.   I don't know what I did to deserve such great children, but I thank my Heavenly Father for trusting them to my care.



Queen of Chaos said...

That is the SWEETEST thing a boy could do! Love him!
This is a great story and glad you shared. :)

L.T. Elliot said...

What a great story! And how cute are those pictures?

Keith Fisher said...

They take ofter you of course. Great story.

Carolyn V. said...

Kim! I got goosebumps! What a great guy. Thanks for sharing this story. =) It made my day.

Donnetta said...

What an amazing thing to do. He may never know the impact he made or the example he has set. You should be so very proud!

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