Apr 1, 2010

Conference Helps for Kids

I love Conference. I love that I can spend the weekend in my pajamas, cuddled up with my sweetheart, listening to the words of the prophet, and recharging my spirit for the coming months ahead.

But, I do have little kids, and I know there’s always the challenge of deciding whether it’s best to let them play in another room so that I can watch Conference in peace and quiet, or if I should make them watch it with me, because it really is for them too.

Over the years, we’ve used a variety of methods to keep them quiet, but still actively involved. The Friend magazine usually has some conference ideas for families, we’ve also played Conference Bingo with Skittles for markers. This year, I found some amazing conference packets online at SugarDoodle.net. They have packets geared to all ages—youth, Sr. primary, and Jr. primary. Check it out!

Also, check out these resources:

LDS.org General Conference packet and games
Conference packet from Scriptures4Kidz
Fun Conference packet!
Beehive Messages Conference packet

What about you?  What fun Conference ideas have you tried?  I'm always eager to learn something new.


Keith Fisher said...

Once again, very timely advice. Good job.

angela said...


Thanks for posting about the Scriptures 4 Kids Conference Packets. If you used them in your family, I hope that your kids loved them!

I also hope that your children have taken the online scriptures for a spin and tried to do some nightly scripture reading on them. If not, I would like to invite them to at http://scriptures4kids.com

If you are not a fan on facebook yet...please become one at http://facebook.scriptures4kis.com

You have a great blog! I will have to check back from time to time. I also would like to invite you to add a Scriptures 4 Kids blog button from http://blog.scriptures4kids.com if you are interested.

Have a great day!

Angela Roberts

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