Apr 2, 2010

More Reviews!

I'm having fun reading all the reviews of "I'll Know You by Heart" that are showing up online.  Here are a few snippets from the latest ones:

Chantele from There is Always Something to Read said:
"The story had me at the very first page . . .It's a story of courage, faith, and love, and I am looking forward to see what this author writes next. Powerful, moving, and emotional, this book is a great debut by Kimberly Job."

Read the full review here.

Crystal from A Book a Day said:
"If you want a page-turner, this is the book for you! I could NOT put it down! I was frustrated that I had to put it down at points to deal with real life. This story is gripping from the first few pages and will take you on a journey of heartache, pain, love lost and love found again. If you want a good read this IS the book! Congratulations Kim on a fabulous first novel! I enjoyed every page and look forward to the next great book!"
Read the full review here:

Hillary from LDS Women's Book Review said:
"This book begins with an INTENSE and dramatic gut-wrenching first chapter and doesn't really slow down. . . . The story is unique and authentic. It has a way of drawing you in and making you forget that it is a story."
Read the full review here.


Anonymous said...

志不立,天下無可成之事。 ..................................................

Keith Fisher said...

Yep it's a great book. Good reviews. You rock.

Jen said...

These are really awesome!!! Must me it's fantastic... but we already knew that!!

Laura Fabiani said...

Congratulations on your new novel and your blog tour! Incidently, my book is on tour also. What an exciting month! By the way, you have a beautiful blog.

Lisa and Laura said...

Congratulations on all of the great reviews! This book looks fabulous!

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