Apr 16, 2010

Writing Tips!

I love writer's blogs! I learn so many great tips on all aspects of writing. My friend, Stina at Seeing Creative had a link to this video on her blog.

The video originally came from Becca Fitzpatrick, YA author of Hush, Hush.

Watch it and see how many authors you can name.


Angie said...

Great video. I didn't recognize any of those authors, I'm sorry to say.

L.T. Elliot said...

I've seen this video a few times and it's ironic that you should post it today because I was just thinking about it!

Tory said...

Hi, Kimberly! I am so happy to have stumbled across your blog tonight. I, too, spend quite a bit of time with my fabulous family and am glad to know there are other aspiring writers out there with extremely busy households. I wish you all the best in your writing career and look forward to following your blog. If you get a spare minute, I'd love for you to check out my blog (I love comments, too!). Did you design your own site or have someone help you out with the layout? It's too cute!!! Have a great weekend, Tory @ www.toryminus.blogspot.com

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