Oct 24, 2008

All About Rub-ons

I often feel like some products aren’t worth the time that it takes to actually use them on my pages. Eyelets are the main thing that come to mind. Too much work for me so I just use Pebbles eyelet brads which give you the look of eyelets without all the work. I used to feel the same way about rub-ons. I could never get them to stick to the paper, or I accidentally moved and got them in the wrong place. But with a little practice, rub-ons have become one of my favorite embellishments.

What are they? Rub-ons come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. (See sample below.) They’re sticky on the back side (like a sticker), but they’re applied with a stylus or a popsicle stick. The most popular form of rub-ons are letters. The first company to make rub-ons popular was Making Memories, but almost every major player in the scrapbooking business is now coming out with their own rub-on alphabet. Often times, you can’t even tell the difference between a rub-on and a handwritten title because they are so flat.
Rub-ons can be used anytime! They are often used as a title instead of alphabet stickers, but they can be used as an embellishment as well. They make great monograms and since you can transfer them onto almost anything, they allow you to truly customize your embellishments. Keep in mind that once a rub-on is down, it's really hard to get up, so if you make a mistake you'll just have to cover it with something else.

At this point in my scrapbooking, I prefer rub-ons to stickers and I know, if you give them a try, you’ll feel the same way. After a little practice with that popsicle stick, you’ll be using rub-ons like a pro!

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