Oct 15, 2008

A Page without Pictures

Can you imagine a scrapbook page without pictures? You can't plan for every possible experience you wish to capture on film. Sometimes moments happen that are worth recording even though you don't have your camera with you.

We get stuck when we think that every scrapbook page has to have photos. You can record memories in other ways. Here are some techniques for scrapbooking your memories when photographs aren't available.

Use Memorabilia - You can create an entire layout around a piece of memorablia. Use things such as ticket stubs, restaurant menus, pressed flowers, receipts, artwork, postcards, etc. Highlight the piece of memorabilia on your page and then be sure to add journaling to explain why the item is important and details about the event it represents.

I've scrapbooked letters and artwork from my children by creating a page pocket to put them in and then journaled details about when I received the note, who it was from, and how it made me feel.

Use Embellishments - Scrapbooking manufacturers have created embellishments for almost every situation imaginable. Look through your supplies or visit a craft store. It's likely you'll find just the item you need to share your story.

Use Printed/Scanned Images - You can print or scan images of things which apply to your page. A favorite layout I saw was the story about a couple's special song. Included on the layout was a scanned image of the CD cover. You can use the same idea with movies, plays, etc.

Don't leave a special memory out of your scrapbook just because you don't have a photo to add to a layout. Remember, it's the story of life you are preserving, not just pictures.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Great suggestions, Kim! Thanks!

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