Oct 3, 2008

Software Basics

Digital scrapbooking can be done on a variety of software programs, from those designed for simple scrapbooking to full-blown professional graphics software. When selecting software it's important to keep in mind your own level of computer expertise.

Some of the most commonly used programs are:

-Photoshop Elements
-Paint Shop Pro
-Digital Image Pro
-Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Deluxe

There are basically two types of software available to digital scrapbookers.

1. Layout Programs - Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Designer Deluxe is an example of this type of program. Layout programs allow you to easily assemble pre-made graphics, photos, and journaling for quick scrapbook layouts. Many layout programs do not meet the criteria that digital scrapbookers need. Either they don't support the file type you would like to use, they are not capable of high quality printing, or they only let you use pre-made graphics rather than design your own. These programs are a great way to start when you're a beginner. You can learn some simple techniques and add to them later on.

2. Photo Editing Programs - Photoshop and Photoshop Elements are examples of this type of program. These are more powerful programs for editing photos and they work well for creating your own digital elements, but the learning curve is much higher. Google's Picasa is a great, free program to edit photos as well.

Most digitial cameras come with some sort of photo editing software. These are a good beginning tool, but once you become a serious digital scrapbooker you will likely want a photo editing program which allows you to design your own paper, arrange photos in creative ways, create layers, add embellishments, and other unique page elements.

It can be overwhelming, but there are lots of great tutorials on the internet and most of the software programs have free trial versions so you can try them out before you buy. When you are just starting out, don't feel like you have to buy an expensive program that does way more than you'll need it to do.

I just wanted to give a quick overview and will talk in more detail about features of individual programs in future blogs. I hope you have a great conference weekend and be sure to create some memories you'll want to scrapbook.

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I'll have to check out some of those programs. Thanks!


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