Oct 31, 2008

Getting Published

I know all of my writer friends might see the title of this blog and think I'm talking about writing, but not this time. I'm talking about getting your scrapbooking layouts published. Did you know it was even a possibility? Where do you think all those scrapbooking magazines out there get all the fun pictures included in their articles? That's right, from plain old people like you and me.

Submitting your layouts for publication for the first time can be intimidating. Though we may never know exactly what magazines are looking for, following a few guidelines can help make the process easier, and hopefully lead to publication success.

Well designed layouts with unusual photos and creative journaling have a greater chance of getting published. Magazines also like layouts that present ordinary events in an extraordinary or unique way.

Keep in mind that most magazines work six months ahead so if you have a Christmas layout, consider submitting it during the summer. Most publications have a list of layouts they are looking for on their websites. Many also have contests listed, the winners of which get published. Here are some sources for you to check out:

Creating Keepsakes

Scrapbook Trends
Scrapbook Trends also lists the type of pages they are seeking for future publications inside each issue of the magazine.


Make sure you keep track of all the materials you use in a layout. Some magazines want a list with your submission and some will request it later, but they all want it. It's also helpful if you can describe any unusual techniques you used to create your layout. And of course, if you are a writer, like me, you can even write an article to go along with it.

Good luck! Have fun submitting and be sure to let me know if you get published.

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Nichole Giles said...

Great idea, Kim! I hadn't even considered that.

Scrapbooking is definitely a publishable art form. And how fun would it be to see your work published in a magazine? Probably as fun as it is to see a story in one.


Anne Bradshaw said...

Love these ideas. Thanks for sharing.

As a local writer, you might like to take a peek at the contest running on my blog this week and next. It's for a signed copy of H. B. Moore's latest novel, "Abinadi." Wonderful book.

Kim said...

Ladies, Thanks for visiting my blog!

Nichole, love the picture. It's so you.

Anne, I read your review and I'm excited to read Heather's book. I posted a link on my blog to your review and contest.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I love scrapbooking magazines -- they show such great layouts. I'm not talented enough to turn in a layout, but they're sure fun to look at.

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