Oct 6, 2008


Did you absolutely love conference? I think I like fall conference the most. It has something to do with the air getting cooler, the leaves changing color, and the fact that school has recently started and our lives are still on schedule. By the time April conference comes around, we are madly trying to finish end-of-the-year school projects and still getting over the winter blahs.

Our family has conference traditions that help make it a special occasion. We started the morning out with chocolate chip waffles with strawberries and whipped cream. We all stay in our pajamas, round up pillows and blankets, and gather in the family room to listen. The small children had conference packets full of coloring pages, games, and other activities to keep them occupied while they listen. The conference bingo with M&M's for markers is always a favorite. On Saturday, we spent the time between conference making caramel apples. Then while the men are at the priesthood session, all the girls in the family get together for dinner.

All of us have things that have become "tradition" in our families. It could be as simple as a bedtime routine, or elaborate traditions surrounding holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. From the small everyday traditions to the more formal ones, they are all a part of what makes your family life special and should be scrapbooked so they can be remembered and carried on. Take some time to consider traditions your family has and then take pictures of them so you can record them in your scrapbook.

To get started, think about specific things your family does each winter, spring, summer, and fall. We do a particular activity for each child's birthday in my extended family. For the birthday's in January, we build a snowman and then have hot chocolate. In March, we fly kites and have pie. In June, we have a picnic and a water fight. In October, we paint pumpkins and have chili. We combine the November and December birthdays and go sledding. All of these family activities make fun scrapbook pages.

Does your extended family do something special to celebrate birthdays? Holidays? A new baby? Or school starting? You get the idea. Almost anything can be scrapbooked. It's fun for your family to look back through the fun things you've done together. Traditions help create a strong family and become part of the glue that holds you together.

So, think about your own family traditions, get the camera out, and start scrapbooking.

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Karlene said...

When my kids were little, they worked on their Jesus books during conference. I had little photo albums with about 100 pages in them (got at $1 store). They'd go through issues of The Friend & New Era and cut out pictures of Jesus and put them in their books.

As they got older and didn't want to be there for conference, we started scrapbooking in the TV room with conference on in the background. At least they were in the room and I could make comments about what we were listening to.

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